Literacy Boost Metro Manila: Endline Report 2013

This report examines the results of a follow-up student background survey and reading assessment conducted in June 2013 as part of Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program. The Literacy Boost program includes teacher training, community reading activities, and age-appropriate local language material creation to support emergent literacy skills among early-grade children. In September 2012 a baseline survey and reading assessment was conducted before beginning the study, which covered 261 grade 2 students throughout 14 sections of Cielito Zamora memorial Elementary School in the Caloocan district of Manila in the Philippines. The 14 grade 2 sections from which students were assessed were randomly split into seven ‘full intervention’ sections designated to receive Literacy Boost, the remaining sections received no intervention. Following up with as many of the original students as possible, the June 2013 survey and reading assessment of 283 grade 3 students serves to measure how students’ reading skills have changed over time as well as to estimate the impact of eight months of the Literacy Boost intervention. 

Published 2014-07-30

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