Literacy Boost Baglung, Nepal: Update on Learning Progress 2013

This report examines the progress of children assessed in September 2012 who have been in schools and communities participating in Literacy Boost. The Literacy Boost program includes teacher training, community reading activities, and age-appropriate local language material creation to support emergent literacy skills among early-grade children.

The key research questions explored in this report include:

  1. How much progress have students made in mastering foundational skills?
  2. What factors are related to their learning and what does that mean for improving Literacy Boost implementation?

To investigate these questions, this report describes the research methods used; including sampling, measurement, and analysis. Next, the report compares skill profiles looking for literacy skills children are developing and what areas should Literacy Boost focus on, generate a view of reading with comprehension tiers at baseline and endline, then examines background and program factors related to learning and the implications for programming.

Published 2014-07-30

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