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Let's engage the boys - Proceeding report 1st Pan African Seminar on partnering with boys and young men to address gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS

A Seminar Proceeding Report of the "1st Pan African Seminar on Partnering with Boys and Young Men to Address Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS", providing analyses and methods of partnering with boys and men, as an addition to partnering with girls and women, specifically in relation to addressing gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS. The Seminar was attended by a total of 147 people from eight African, one Latin American and three European countries representing a wide variety of national and international non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and government institutions. Presentations were made on conceptualizing and contextulizating partnering with boys and young men; Linking masculinity, gender based violence and HIV/AIDs in Africa; experiences in partnering with boys and young men.

Published 2010-06-11