Lessons for Protection: A comparative analysis of community-based child protection mechanisms supported by Plan in Asia

This comparative analysis report presents learning from a participatory research process that has taken place over nine months, involving over 500 children and almost 800 adults. These children and adults represented community-based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs), child groups, civil society organisations, government departments and Plan offices.

The comparative analysis has been carried out by a consultancy group in three key stages involving data collection, analysis and synthesis:

  1. Data collection through a desk review of available information and mapping existing CBCPMs across Asia (January – April 2012).
  2. Data collection and participatory analysis through field visits in five countries (Cambodia, East Timor, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam) using child/user-friendly participatory tools, interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs) and observation with all relevant stakeholders (May – June 2012).
  3. Analysis and synthesis: comparative analysis of existing models and report writing (May – September 2012).

The report includes an analysis of current CBCPMs as well as key recommendations for strengthening CBCPMs by Plan in the Asia region. 

Published 2018-10-25