Lessons in Leadership: Save the Children’s Experience of Co-leading the Education Cluster

A report commissioned by Save the Children intended to provide a record of experiences so far in co-leading the Education Cluster. It takes an inside look at Save the Children's four years of co-leadership of the Education Cluster, both at global and country levels, highlighting positive experiences and key areas to be improved. The report includes a preface by Valerie Amos, Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, reiterating her support for the Education Cluster and the importance of shared UN and NGO co-leadership. This report is based on face-to-face and phone interviews with more than 40 individuals working directly with and alongside the Education Cluster at country, regional and global levels and represents the wealth of combined experiences and understanding. It also includes recommendations on how to improve the work of the Cluster and strengthen accountability to children and young people affected by natural disasters and conflict.

Published 2012-04-27