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"This Isn't the Life for You": Masculinities and nonviolence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Low-income, young, black men are overwhelmingly affected by various forms of violence in Rio de Janeiro. This research report, published by Promundo, examines the often under-researched relationship between this violence and gender norms. In particular, the report seeks to find out how these men avoid, abandon, or lesson their use of violence in complex urban settings where violence within and without the home is prevalent. Promundo also seeks to explore how exposure to urban violence influences the construction of masculinities, attitudes, and reported behaviours about gender among the greater population.

The findings are broad and uncover the deep relationship between violence experienced in childhood and violence experienced as an adult. More equitable gender norms were also found to be associated with lower exposure to violence. Read the full report to learn more.

Published 2016-08-09

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