Interpersonal Communication (IPC) Model Piloting Review Report in Afmadow district

Interpersonal communication Model (IPC) is face to face interaction model that target audience with the objective of changing their behavior. It can include one-to-one small group interaction or/and larger forums. The IPC Model was a pilot innovative project that was to meant to reinforce Save the Children child intervention in Afmadow district. The goal of IPC Model was to promote exclusive breastfeeding, hygiene promotion (hand Washing) messages, diarrhea prevention and management including ORS and Zinc intake, ANC and PNC uptake through various relevant messages from the IPC agent. The pilot project was meant to help boost the knowledge and practice of mothers in the target communities to address issues of malnutrition, poor diet that causes most of the child morbidity and mortality in the community.

Published 2019-12-12

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