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Information and Communication Technology for Child Protection Case Management in Emergencies: An overview of the existing evidence base

Organisations working to protect the health and wellbeing of children in emergencies are moving away from traditional paper-based systems towards more sophisticated and innovative digitally-based systems. Formative research was conducted to identify the state of the current evidence base on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for child protection case management in emergencies (CPCME). Most of the evidence is from the grey literature, and the sector is still nascent in linking ICT implementations to improvements in efficiencies of case management processes and outcomes in children. However, these preliminary findings, gleaned mostly from key informant interviews and reports, strongly suggest that using certain ICT applications can have a beneficial influence on reducing children’s vulnerabilities and other key outcomes in emergency settings. The preliminary findings form the basis for currently ongoing subsequent research that will ultimately inform how ICT for CPCME can best contribute to improved outcomes in children in such settings. While there are challenges in the design, implementation, evaluation, and enabling environment to support ICT for CPCME that limit their potential impact, each challenge presents an opportunity for child protection programs to consider as the use of ICT for CPCME increases and matures over the next few years. 

Published 2019-02-09