INEE Minimum standards for education in emergencies, chronic crises and early reconstruction

The Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies (MSEE) are both a handbook and an expression of commitment, developed through a broad process of collaboration, that all individuals – children, youth and adults – have a right to education during emergencies. INEE’s Minimum Standards are founded on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Dakar 2000 Education for All goals and the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter.The Handbook is meant to be used as a capacity-building and training tool for humanitarian agencies, governments and local populations to enhance the effectiveness and quality of their educational assistance, and thus to make a significant difference in the lives of people affected by disaster. The Minimum Standards cover five categories: Access & Learning Environment, Teaching & Learning, Teachers & Other Educational Personnel, and Educational Policy and Coordination.

Published 2010-09-10

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