ICTs, Democratisation and Freedom of Expression: Promotion of Child Rights through ICTs

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) – which generally include the television, cell phones and computers - have, over a very short time, revolutionized people’s lifestyles by making information readily available at every strata of society and widening the platform of social exchange through social media like Facebook. In the process, ICTs have broadened the scope of development opportunities by facilitating citizen’s right to information, participation and freedom of expression. In terms of promoting the rights of children, however, the role of ICTs has thus far been limited and mostly experimental.

By setting new goals to bridge the digital divide, the Government of Bangladesh has created the momentum for growth and change through the development of ICTs and as such, it is the most opportune time to explore using ICTs to promote child rights in Bangladesh. Save the Children has, over the years, established large and powerful children’s networks and organizations in Bangladesh that can be mobilized to pilot an initiative to improve the situation of children through the use of ICTs (social media, in particular).

This study assesses the current level of ICT usage among children, young people and the civil society, analyses the existing ecosystem to explore ways it can be used for the development of children in Bangladesh, and offers research-based insights and recommendations for ICT driven initiatives for the development of children.

Published 2013-07-10

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