Hear it From the Children - on the move and arriving in Norway

This study documents the experiences and views of children who have fled their country and are seeking asylum in Norway. Through talking and listening to children on the move, the Hear it from the Children initiative brings forward children’s unique perspectives and experiences. The insights gained will be used to strengthen children’s rights by improving our own work as well as influencing other organizations and local, national and international authorities.

The children’s stories illustrate the extremely difficult experiences children on the move are continuously exposed to, both physically and emotionally, as they struggle to survive. The children who participated in this study say they lacked water, food and safe places to rest. They were exhausted, scared and afraid. Some were shot at, received death threats, almost drowned or were nearly killed. Many saw other people being killed and some saw small children who had been left behind by their parents. Many of them were maltreated by police, border authorities and smugglers. The unaccompanied children missed their families intensely. Most of them journeyed for weeks and some for months.

The study underlines children’s universal need for safety and protection and to be with their families; to live in a safe place where there is access to education and hope for the future.

Published 2016-09-08

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