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Further, Faster, Fairer: Reaching every last child with immunisation

Immunisation saves lives and is undoubtedly one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions, with far-reaching benefits. Improved coverage has contributed to the impressive 50% drop in child deaths globally between 1990 and 2015, from 12.7 million deaths to 5.9 million.2 The benefits of immunisation will have a greater impact among excluded communities, which typically have low access to healthcare and high vulnerability to disease, and where the financial burden of illness has a greater impact on household poverty. Save the Children estimates that closing the equity gap based on household wealth inequalities in 52 low- and middle-income countries could save 800,000 more lives between now and 2020.

Save the Children calls on the global community to act now. At the midpoint of the 2011–2020 Global Vaccine Action Plan – when progress has slowed and is off track – there is an urgent need to do more to strengthen commitments and accelerate action to ensure that every last child is reached with immunisations. 

Published 2017-11-29

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