FRESH School Health and Nutrition (SHN) Webinar: Programming for Children's Social and Emotional Well-being - Lessons from Iraq - September 2019

  • What is social-emotional learning and how does it happen in schools in Iraq?
  • How do we measure children's social and emotional skills and well-being in emergency and tenuous environments?
  • What tools can we use to evaluate the effect of social-emotional learning activities on children's competencies?

Join us and Save the Children colleagues from Washington DC/ USA, and Kurdistan/ Iraq, as they share their experience of promoting and measuring social-emotional learning in an emergency context, on our webinar commemorating World Mental Health Day.

Speakers:  Dr. Allyson Krupar, Senior Specialist, Save the Children USA

                  Ms. Gentjana Gjergji, BPRM Project Manager, Save the Children International

Presentation downloads:

  1. Education Links, USAID (2019) Measuring Social and Emotional Learning in Children - Three tools that can help educators
  2. Save the Children US Global Education Research
  3. Learning and Well-Being in Emergencies: Resource Kit


The School Health and Nutrition webinar series monthly presentations by leading policy-makers, researchers and implementers engaged in improving the health and education of children in low and middle-income countries across the globe.

Published 2019-09-19

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