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FACT Nepal Project: Pragati Intervention Resources & Tools

The Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project, implemented by Save the Children and Georgetown’s Institute for Reproductive Health, was a five-year project that aimed to foster an environment in which women and men could learn actionable information about fertility and take actions to protect their reproductive health throughout the life course. In Nepal, FACT designed and tested the Pragati intervention to improve fertility awareness with the goal of increasing the use of modern contraception among marginalized communities. Working through social networks, Pragati uses a series of group games to diffuse information about fertility awareness and family planning to individuals, encouraging conversations with community members to improve social and gender norms that negatively influence family planning (FP) use and to diffuse accurate information to the wider community. Through the games, participants learn accurate information about human fertility and various FP methods and their side effects and critically reflect on social barriers that may influence reproductive health behaviors. The resources shared include the implementation manual for Pragati along with Pragati game materials and training resources.

FACT Project Introductory Video

Video accreditation: Georgetown Institute for Reproductive Health


To learn more about the Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project, visit the website of Georgetown's Institute for Reproductive Health.

Published 2020-02-17