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Experiences of the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsperson (PDDH) in Relation to Save the Children's Cooperation 1999-2017

According to Nicaraguan law, the Oce of Human Rights Ombudsperson (PDDH) is the duty-bearing state institution for the promotion, defense and protection of human rights, including the work of socially auditing the compliance of public institutions with their child rights-related responsibilities.

Aware of the importance of promoting and defending child rights, Save the Children initiated a cooperation relationship with the PDDH in 1999, after the Nicaraguan National Assembly had named the first Human Rights Ombudsperson and he had subsequently appointed the first Special Ombudsperson for Children and Adolescents. Close, constructive and uninterrupted cooperation between Save the Children and the PDDH has enhanced both institutions’ capacities for realizing their respective mandates, thus contributing to the achievement of children’s rights.

This publication documents the experiences of 18 years of cooperation during the period 1999-2017, describing its evolution and identifying issues of interest, achievements and lessons learned. It required an exhaustive document review and interviews with key personnel of the institution and Save the Children. The cooperation has been framed in the global theme of Child Rights Governance, having been supported from the beginning by Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna).

Published 2018-12-05

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