Examining Child Protection Rapid Assessment: A structured review of field learning from the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) toolkit

From May to September 2013, the Child Protection in Crisis (CPC) Network conducted a structured analysis of field learning regarding the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) toolkit, in order to identify key findings, lessons learned, and recommendations for its future use and implementation. The review covered use of the CPRA toolkit in 15 countries: Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, and Yemen.

The CPRA toolkit was consistently described by respondents as a valuable addition to the field, and a means of increasing the methodological rigor with which child protection assessments are carried out. However, findings suggest that the usage of the tool is often dependent on technical assistance from the Child Protection Working Group (CPWG). Additional training and capacity building is needed in order to promote the sustainability of the toolkit and make it accessible in more diverse contexts. 

Published 2014-07-01

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