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Ethiopia: ELMI Parenting Endline

Save the Children’s Early Literacy and Math initiative (ELM) began in the West Showa region of Ethiopia in early 2012. In recognition of the increased interest and commitment by the Government of Ethiopia to increasing access to ECCD services, a project was designed to focus on the quality of service delivery as this relates to school readiness outcomes for children.

ELM aims to demonstrate techniques that are pedagogically sound, scalable, and which will ensure that during the critical early years Ethiopian children benefit from inclusive, effective teaching and learning opportunities that support early literacy and math skills development at the pre-primary level, and improve school readiness and long-term learning outcomes for young learners. Further, recognizing that ECCD expansion will take many years to reach remote areas of the country as well as the important role caregivers play in their children’s development, a pilot program also included an introduction of ELM-specific techniques for caregivers in communities with and without ECCD Centers. 

Published 2015-11-09

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