An Equal Start. Why Gender Equality Matters for Child Survival and Maternal Health

Save the Children has recently published the report, "An Equal Start - Why Gender Matters for Child Survival and Maternal Health", which focuses on the huge ramifications of gender inequality and notably shows a clear correlation between the power and status of women in society, the state of their health and the mortality of their children. The report identifies three priorities for intervention: addressing social, cultural & legal norms; building equitable health services; and creating opportunities for girls and women to engage as agents in their own lives.The launch event will focus on these three areas embracing the impact and influence of the EU and marrying it with experience and insight from the field. The round table discussion will provide an opportunity to share ideas and recommendations for future action, focusing on the role of the EU and its partners in combating discrimination against women and girls and in their empowerment

Published 2011-07-19

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