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Engaging with Change: A Year in the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group FSNWG – 2013

The Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) has served regional government, donor, and non-governmental agencies since the early 2000’s. Its goal is two-fold: to provide an up-to-date food security and nutrition situation analysis (early warning); and to offer a forum to build consensus on critical issues facing policy and interventions. 

Current membership of the FNSWG includes approximately 80 organizations who contribute to the operation and content of the working group and its nutrition, markets, food security information, livestock and pastoralist subgroups. As the FSNWG facilitates debate and transmits the ideas and work of its members, this report aims to take stock of the achievements by FSNWG members. Four different themes have been identified as the core of FSNWG work in 2013: Engaging with change; Working differently; No regrets; and Whose resilience? 

Published 2014-04-01

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