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Disaster risk management in post-2015 development goals: potential targets and indicators. Overseas Development Institute

Disasters can hamper economic growth, affect poverty levels and cause human suffering. Without significant action, the extent and impact of economic and social damage associated with disasters will get worse over the next 20 years, largely as a result of growing exposure of people and assets. This has the potential to reverse development progress in hard-hit areas. This report analyzes the measures currently taken for disaster risk management (DRM) and the effects of disasters on various sectors in order to assess how DRM could be included in the post-2015 agenda.

It  is organised around the following eight chapters: (i) chapter one introduces the targets and indicators of DRM; (ii) chapter two focuses on options for targets and indicators on DRM related to their economic impact; (iii) chapter three proposes indicators for monitoring disaster-related deaths; (iv) chapter four assesses options for disaster-related poverty targets; (v) chapter five discusses health in disaster events; (vi) chapter six discusses resilience and poverty reduction; (vii) chapter seven covers DRM education; (viii) and chapter eight contains a synthesis of the findings of each of the chapters, including three scenarios for the incorporation of DRM in the post-2015 goals.

Published 2013-05-29