Democracy in Action: The Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights

The parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights involved 20 parliamentarians, strengthening the capacity of parliamentarians on child rights. It has been facilitated by Save the Children since 2012 and has successfully enhanced the Caucus’ understanding on child rights, focusing on health and nutrition, education and protection etc. They are now better informed to raise the issue of child rights and advocate for policy changes to benefit children. In addition, this engagement also brought together civil society and parliamentarians to bridge the gap between parliament and citizen. 

This publication is part of a collection of 8 leaflets on Policy, Rights and Governance programming in Bangladesh:

The leaflets are:

  1. Voices for Change: Children on Community Radio
  2. Communities Fit for Children: Child Friendly Local Governance
  3. Standing Up for Action: Protesting Violence Against Children
  4. Speaking Up for Rights: Child Parliaments
  5. Democracy in Action: The Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights
  6. Money Matters: Financial Inclusion for Street and Working Children
  7. Doing More, Doing Better: Social Protection for Adolescent Girls
  8. KOLOROB: A "Clamour" for Change in Urban Slums
Published 2016-01-25