Defying the Barriers

For many of the children with disabilities, life is harsh and isolated. They experience social exclusion and discrimination because of their very existence.

With support of European Union and Save the Children Denmark, Save the Children in Bangladesh implemented, “Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children with Disabilities (IPEP)” between 2014- 2017. The aim of the project is to build resilience and capacity among children with disabilities and to create a violence-free community for them. To assess and explore the disability scenario under different contexts in Bangladesh, we conducted three pieces of research through independent researchers. One research study excavated the vulnerabilities and types of violence against children with disabilities living in street and from low-income households; the second study highlighted the situation of government and private run residential institutions for children with disabilities in contrast with UN minimum standard of care; the last research assessed the opportunities for children with disabilities and their families to be included and benefited from the Social Protection Schemes of Bangladesh. An essence of the studies have been incorporated into the book.

Published 2019-02-27