Därför Barnahus– så stärker vi rättigheterna för barn som utsatts för våld och övergrepp

The report concerns violence against children and child abuse. This update reveals that there are gaps to be found in the routines of public authorities, and that the the best interest of the child is not always at the forefront of the decision-making. Save the Children Sweden has established and supported operations of “Barnahus”, or Advocacy Centres for Children, a model for receiving child victims of sexual abuse. Barnahus provide a wide range of expertise concerning child abuse cases and bring together social services, police, prosecutor, forensic medical experts and paediatric psychiatry services, collaborating primarily in the initial stages of the police and social services investigations. Through the Advocacy Centres for Children, Save the Children Sweden hopes to ensure that all child victims of violence receive the support and assistance they require, and that the investigations conducted in connection with suspicions that a child has been exposed to crime must be tailored to the children.

Published 2010-11-03

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