Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms: Global synthesis report of Plan International's support to CBCPMs

Between 2012 and 2014, Plan International mapped and analysed its work supporting CBCPMs in each of its four regions: West and Central Africa (WARO), East and Southern Africa (RESA), Asia (ARO) and Latin America and the Caribbean (ROA). This current synthesis is a summary of those four studies which were carried out by different consultants with broadly similar methodologies. Some information has also been included from Plan International ARO's 2014 evaluation of the effectiveness of CBCPMs entitled Protection in Action. The synthesis is part of a global project entitled Protection for all children: strengthening community-based mechanisms and systems on child protection, which aims to improve the effectiveness of Plan International's support to CBCPMs and contribute to sector-wide understanding of good practice. It will feed into the next stage of the project, which involves the development of global practice guidelines and a learning module. 

Published 2018-10-25