Children's Rights and the Corporate Sector: Setting a benchmark

Global Child Forum is an independent, global multi-stakeholder platform for informed dialogue and thought leadership on how to advance children’s rights in support of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Global Child Forum aims at gathering leaders from business, governments, academia and civil society in a joint effort to implement children’s rights.

This report is part of Global child Forum’s objective to initiate and share research, raise crucial global awareness, new thinking and cross-sector dialogue regarding children’s rights. Another objective of this annual assessment is to identify and showcase examples of how companies address children’s rights and child related issues.

In terms of reporting on children’s rights, this report shows that reporting levels vary with geography and industry sector. European companies in general scored the highest and, on industry sector level, consumer goods and food & beverage industries have the strongest reporting results. This report also examined which standards each company often cited as well as how and if companies collaborate to promote children’s rights. 

Published 2014-07-08

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