Children's Ebola Recovery Assessment: Sierra Leone

In mid-March 2015, child-centred agencies conducted a Children’s Ebola Recovery Assessment (CERA) in nine districts across Sierra Leone to create a mechanism for more than 1,100 boys and girls, to discuss issues of concern; assess the impact of the crisis on their roles, responsibilities and future opportunities; and to formulate their recommendations for recovery.

The findings of the CERA powerfully demonstrate the diverse and interconnected impact of the outbreak for children living through the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. As Sierra Leone emerges from one of the most challenging crises in its history, boys and girls have clear views on what they need, want and expect from decision-makers in the community and government. Education, access to healthcare and a safe environment in which to grow up rank top of the list for children’s recovery from the legacy of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Published 2015-07-09

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