Children in the Situation of Human Mobility and the Role of Municipalities of Central America

In September 2018, the Central American Learning Circle on Children’s Rights and Local Development convened a seminar in Apaneca, El Salvador, about “Children in a situation of human mobility and the role of municipalities in Central America.”

Representatives from organizations from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua knew about the present day situation of migration in our countries, shared experiences and reflected on the challenges and possible strategies Central American municipalities could develop.

This document is the product of both debate and consensus and contains key elements emerging from the experiences of actors who are working to generate conditions that favor the exercise of Child Rights.

We publish it with the intention of contributing to the actors of public institutions and civil society organizations, cooperation agencies and international organizations, children and adults, we all play an increasingly effective role in promoting and defending the rights of more than half of the population of Central America, including those in a situation of human mobility

Published 2018-11-26

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