Children in Scrap Collection: Research Paper

Exploitative child labour is a phenomenon of growing concern in Jordan. It affects children’s right to education and is harmful to their physical, mental, moral and social development. Save the Children, along with JOHUD through its Social Support Centres, is implementing the Promising Futures Project to support national efforts to combat child labour in Jordan.

The main objective of the research presented in this report is to show the world of scrap collection in Amman, Jordan, as seen through the eyes of the children involved in this type of work. Through the active involvement of children they are portrayed as agents, shaping their lives within the limits of the options available to them, rather than as victims.

The research sought to answer the questions related to the work itself, as well as to the government response. Who are the children involved in recycling? How did they get involved? What type of tasks do they carry out? How is the work organised? Is there a gender division of work? What are the hazards the children encounter? Are these gender-specific? What do they perceive as benefits? What do the children consider their assets (skills, support networks, etc.)?

This report discusses the methodology of the research, its findings and recommendations for follow-up, to enable the eradication of this particularly harmful, exploitative form of child labour.

Published 2014-09-26

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