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Children as Partners: Child participation promoting social change

This report was commissioned to examine current literature and examples of good practice programming supporting child and adolescent meaningful participation in the context of children’s rights, focusing on a key aspect of participation: partnership. The report triangulates background information from the following three sources to produce a participation-partnership framework in synthesising key Children as Partners (CAP) findings: An annotated bibliography covering key academic and NGO literature findings on child and adolescent participation from both the developed and developing world; a detailed discussion of participation in light of current evidence on children’s evolving capacities, Children’s Evolving Capacities and Participation: Partnerships for Social Change (Lansdown); an in-depth retrospective process of young people’s reflections on partnership drawn from the collective experience of the Indian NGO Concerned for Working Children (CWC), "Bhima Sangha and the Makkala Panchayats – Chroniclers of our own history."

Published 2010-07-29

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