Children in a Digital World: The state of the world’s children 2017

Digital technology has already changed the world – and as more and more children go online around the world, it is increasingly changing childhood. Connectivity can be a game changer for some of the world’s most marginalized children, helping them fulfil their potential and break intergenerational cycles of poverty. But digital access is also becoming the new dividing line, as millions of the children who could most benefit from digital technology are missing out.

Conversely, digital technology can make children more susceptible to harm both online and off. Already vulnerable children may be at greater risk of harm, including loss of privacy. The potential impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on children’s health and happiness is a matter of growing public concern – and an area that is ripe for further research and data. The private sector – especially in the technology and telecommunication industries – has a special responsibility and a unique ability to shape the impact of digital technology on children.

Published 2019-01-16