Child Protection Resource Pack: How to plan, monitor and evaluate child protection programmes

Planning, monitoring, and evaluation are crucial to child protection programming. A joint initiative between the UNICEF Child Protection Section, the Data and Analysis Section, the Evaluation Office, and the Field Results Group, this resource pack is meant to strengthen the evidence base of child protection. It sets out to accomplish this through clear and practical guidance for improved planning and M&E (monitoring and evaluation) practices and documentation of good practices and lessons learned.

Although aligned with UNICEF programme policies and procudures, as it is intended mainly for UNICEF staff, the resource pack can also be used or adapted for work with and by partners.

The structure of the resource pack is:

  • Module 1: How to analyse the child protection situation
  • Module 2: How to design a child protection programme
  • Module 3: How to monitor the results of a child protection programme
  • Module 4: How to manage an evaluation for child protection
Published 2015-11-26

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