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Child Marriage in Ghana's Fishing Industry: Analysing the experiences of children who have witnessed or undergone child marriage

The Ghana-based organisation Challenging Heights rescues and rehabilitates 100 children each year from trafficking and child labour in communities along Volta Lake. It is estimated that about three-quarters of them, both boys and girls, have either been promised to somebody as a husband or wife already; or have actually begun the process of being married. Many get married off at incredibly young ages. Despite forced child marriage being a prevalent problem in the area, there is a lack of research on it, and therefore little is know about the true extent of the problem.

Through this study, Challenging Heights seeks to investigate the extent of child marriage within the community of trafficked children in Volta Lake, Ghana. Moreover, it hopes to add to the current literature on the relationship between child trafficking and child marriage/sexual exploitation.

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Published 2017-12-11

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