Championing Children's Rights: A global study of independent human rights institutions for children – summary report

This study is globally the first comprehensive review of independent human rights institutions for children. It takes stock of more than 20 years of their experience and highlights the purpose and potential of these institutions, what it is they do and how they operate. These institutions take a variety of forms and go by many different names, ranging from ombudspersons for children, commissioners, advocates to child rights departments within human rights commissions. What they have in common is the responsibility to independently monitor, promote and protect children’s rights. Amidst the current global economic uncertainty, inequities between rich and poor are widening in some countries. It is a period, too, of reflection on progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and in defining sustainable and equitable goals to follow them. During such times, independent institutions are key players in promoting systems that are effective in delivering results for children.

Published 2012-11-12