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Cartographie et Analyse du Systeme National de Protection de l’Enfant au Cameroun

The mapping and analysis of the child protection system is complementary to other initiatives underway and will provide a holistic view of the child in Cameroon. It provides information on the supply of social services as well as child protection mechanisms at Community level, with an emphasis on access to these services. Mapping is an exercise to provide a view of the overall system of child protection.

In particular for this study, the mapping establishes the legal, policy and strategic framework as well as the stakeholder coordination mechanisms, human resources and financial structures and services provided to children and families in Cameroon. The most visual representation of this mapping is in the form of maps that delimit the distribution of human resources, structures, and child protection services, but the narrative text of this study is also an integral part of the system mapping analysis. For the purposes of this study, therefore, a cartography is not only visual and quantitative but also narrative and qualitative.

Published 2019-01-10