C19 Rapid Scoping. High Density/Resource Poor Populations: Reflections, Thematic Snapshots, and Activities

COVID-19 poses particular challenges for populations living in high density, resource poor communities, such as displacement camps or urban slums, where water for washing hands can be scarce and crowded accomodations make social-distancing near impossible. 

In an effort to fill knowledge gaps on what specific challenges face these communities and how they are being addressed, Save the Children's COVID-19 Task Force asked the Migration and Displacement Initiative (MDI) and the Thematic Working Group for the "Protecting the Rights of Migrant & Displaced Children" to undertake a rapid scoping exercise. As a result, 25 member and country offices across all regions, with high density/high risk populations were interviewied. The following briefings provide reflections and core learnings from this rapid scoping to inform organisational thinking.

Please note that some sources and references cited in these documents are internal to Save the Children and are not available for sharing. 

Published 2020-05-25

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