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Brott Mot Barn: Om hur våldutsatta barn drabbas när förundersökningen drar ut på tiden, 2016

Investigations of crimes against children should be swift and Save the Children Sweden wants to show the consequences for children when the contrary is the case. Through repeated research of the Public Prosecution Authority’s annual statistics, Save the Children Sweden has had the opportunity to track changes over time. This year’s investigation shows that the average processing time for police and prosecution investigations have increased. Just like last year, we are seeing large discrepancies and shortcomings across the country.

Children’s development, self-image and psychological health is affected not just by the crime itself, but also by the repercussions of a protracted process and neglected aid. Children are doubly impacted. In order for abused children to receive the protection and support that they need and have the right to, requires a tightening of the law and its application. Those police districts and public prosecution authorities who, year after year, fall behind require particular investigation and measures pushed to the fore in order to correct these shortcomings.

Published 2016-06-27

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