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Being LGBT Young People in Vietnam: Life on the streets and the light through the crack, A summary of research findings

Produced by Save the Children in Vietnam and the Institute of Social and Medical Studies, Being LGBT Young People in Vietnam: Life on the Streets and the Light through the Crack is the first of its kind in Vietnam. It hopes to provide NGOs, child and youth rights advocates, policy makers, service providers, the public, as well as any person or organization committed to the protection and equality of all children and youth with a better understanding of the situation facing LGBT young people in Vietnam. Save the Children strives to contribute good evidence for effective program planning and implementation of children’s rights, especially in relation to the rights to gender identity and sexual orientation, and the diversity and equality of all genders and sexualities.

LGBT young people in Vietnam face a great deal of discrimination and hardship at the family and community level as well as with the society at large. Being LGBT is highly stigmatized in the Vietnamese culture, and there exists a lack of social services along with an insufficiency of health awareness and access.

Continued advocacy efforts are needed for the rights of this population to be recognized in Vietnam. These include ensuring social service staff is well trained and knowledgeable about SOGIE issues, and service providers develop and implement non-discriminatory and inclusive policies and practices. Besides social service providers, schools and workplaces are key areas where efforts are needed most to guarantee that the rights of this population are protected and their growth supported.

Published 2016-01-12

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