Balkans Migration and Displacement Hub Data and Trends Analysis: Regional overview (January-August 2017)

More than 10,000 refugees and migrants are currently present in the Balkans countries (other than Greece). The number of refugees and migrants transiting through the Balkans has decreased since the conclusion of the EU-Turkey Deal, however, the movement of people continues. Figures from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and FYROM clearly indicate that the Balkans remains one of the most traveled migration routes.

This analysis provides valuable insight into the migration and displacement trends in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and FYRoM during the first six months of 2017. It details information about the number of people on the move, demography (age, sex, country of origin, etc), behavioral patterns, and routes in use--with a focus on children, particularly unaccompanied children. This document is the first publication of a Data and Trend Analysis (DATA) initiative launched by Save the Children’s Balkan Migration and Displacement Centre (BMDC), which originated from Save the Children's refugee responses initiated in Balkans countries in 2015. The goal of this initiative is to synthesize valuable information on migration, especially on refugee and migrant children, and contribute to evidence-based programming and policy-making within the region.

Published 2017-10-23

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