Addressing Alcohol and Sustance Use Disorders Among Refugees: A desk review of intervention approaches

Unhealthy alcohol and other drug use is a prevalent but often-neglected problem affecting many refugee communities worldwide. The majority of epidemiologic studies examining substance use in refugees focus on alcohol, which is the most prevalent substance use globally; however, in some settings other drugs are more prevalent among refugees than alcohol. The research on the epidemiology of substance use among refugees is limited and challenged by poor measurement and inconsistent reporting. The challenges of substance use, including medical and social problems, are compounded by the lack of prevention and treatment services for refugees. 
The objective of this report is to synthesize the evidence on prevention and treatment interventions for substance use in refugees in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Findings from implementation studies suggest that it is feasible to introduce and integrate brief indicated prevention interventions and multicomponent community-based treatment strategies for substance use in refugee settings.  

Published 2019-06-21