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What will it take to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

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UNDP, United Nations Development Programme

Due to the combination of high food prices, climate change and the impact of the international financial and economic crises, disparities in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) achievement can be seen within and between countries. This report identifies a concrete action agenda which informed the outcome of the World leaders’ MDG Summit in New York that took place in September 2010. Based on a study of what has worked in 50 countries, it provides an eight-point MDG action agenda to accelerate and sustain development progress over the next five years. The assessment found that the know how necessary to achieve the MDGs exist, but progress requires a focus on proven strategies, policies and interventions and making a radical break with those that do not work. The eight points focus on supporting nationally-owned and participatory development; fostering pro-poor, job-rich inclusive growth including the private sector; promoting government investments in social services like health and education; expanding opportunities for women and girls; increasing access to low carbon energy; encouraging the mobilization of domestic resources; and ensuring delivery on Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitments

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