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WASH: Improving Provision for Urban Children

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Global Alliance - Cities 4 Children,IIED, International Institute for Environment and Development,Save the Children

Billions of people in the global South remain unserved by adequate provision for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Some of the most significant challenges in addressing the backlog are in urban areas, where high densities complicate conditions. As local authorities struggle to keep up with rapidly growing urban populations, the number of unserved households continues to grow, particularly in informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa. Inadequate WASH provision, detrimental to all residents, poses particular challenges for the health and safety of children and even for their long-term development.

This briefing highlights the problems related to urban WASH access and presents research findings on the impact on children of different ages, especially young children and adolescent girls. Building on promising practices and lessons learnt, this briefing also includes guidance for NGOs for supporting improved access to WASH and hence living conditions for children in urban contexts.

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