The Universal Periodic Review: Pakistan 2012

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CRM, Child Rights Movement,Save the Children

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a state-driven cooperative process and mechanism of the Human Rights Council (HRC), begun in 2008, which aims to improve the human rights situation in each of the 193 UN Member Countries.

This report highlights the findings of the UPR of Pakistan, which was completed for a second time in 2012. It shows which were relevant for child rights and which were accepted by the Government of Pakistan. The first annex of this document includes major recommendations, drafted by Child Rights Movement (CRM), on issues that relate to child rights: education, child labour, child soldiers, child prostitution, etc.

The intended purpose of this report is to provide information to the relevant state and civil society organizations (CSOs) about the UPR process, its outcomes, and possible interventions by the state and non-state actors.

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