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Tráfico de Pessoas em Moçambique, em Particular, de Crianças

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ISRI, Instituto Superior de Relações Internacionais

This study, “Human Trafficking in Mozambique, in particular children”, funded by Save the Children in Mozambique, seeks to understand and assess the extent of human trafficking in Mozambique, with particular emphasis on how this involves or impacts children.

Research was conducted in seven provinces. In the first phase, a literature review was carried out, followed by field work and interviews with public prosecutors, judges, lawyers, academics, doctors, teachers, customs and immigration services, etc.

Evidence from the study indicates that women and children are the main victims of human trafficking, used primarily for labour and sexual exploitation. Rural and suburban areas are the most affected by human trafficking crimes. Internally, people are trafficked from rural areas to cities, with the city of Maputo being the main destination for victims. At the regional level. Mozambique has been considered the main corridor for human trafficking. South Africa is seen to be the main destination of human trafficking victims.

The study concludes with recommendations at the national level as well as a call for more statistics and cooperation in the geographical region.

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