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Systematization of Four Educational Experiences in Colombia and Peru

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Save the Children Colombia,Save the Children International,Save the Children Peru

This report brings together the key findings from four individual reports that systematized experiences from education projects undertaken within the framework of the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) / Multi-Year Resilience Program (MYRP) programs in Colombia and Peru. The reports focused on the right to education of refugee and migrant children and adolescents by applying UNESCO’s five dimensions of the right to education, documenting actions and achievements, success factors, challenges, lessons learned, and elements to take into consideration for scaling-up or replicating. Each of the projects engaged Venezuelan migrant students as part of the project activities, and involved members of the Regional Education Cluster in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This summary report analyses and synthesizes common themes and findings across the four experiences through the lens of UNESCO’s five dimensions of the right to education with the aim to inform project implementers, specifically those looking to engage in migrant and inclusive education projects, with insight into common themes, challenges, success factors, and lessons that can be applied in similar contexts and/or for similar target populations.

The four individual reports are:

  • Enhancing Socioemotional and Problem Solving Skills Through Digital and STEAM Education; Systematization of the Aulas Digitales Education Experience in Colombia
  • Reinforcing socioemotional and digital skills through non-formal educational initiatives and tutor support; Systematization of the Aprendiendo Unidos Arequipa experience in Arequipa, Peru
  • Strengthening families and teachers’ roles in early childhood development; Systematization of the Trayectorias Educativas Completas experience in Arauca, Norte de Santander, and Santander, Colombia
  • The Extraordinary Enrollment Communications Campaign; Systematization of the joint elaboration of the communications campaign by members of the Working Group for Refugees and Migrants Education Subgroup in Peru
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