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Summaries of Eight Child-Focused Budget Studies. Save the Children Sweden

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Save the Children Sweden

This report includes summaries of the eight child-focused budget studies carried out within the Save the Children Sweden (SCS) International Child Focused Budget Project. The budget studies covered the countries of Angola, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, and West Bank-Gaza/Palestine.

Each study chose to focus on a certain level of the budget – national, provincial, local and/or international (development cooperation). The choice was made according to where policies and decision-making regarding budgets and resource allocation affecting children are made. Each study also chose to focus on certain children and on certain sectors in the budget that affect those children. SCS believes that there is much more to be done for the views of children to be given serious consideration and taken into account in countries’ budget processes,  and will continue to support child-focused budget work around the world. 


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