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Struggling to Survive – Children Living Alone on the Streets of Tanzania and Kenya

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Railway Children

A new study by Railway Children finds a ‘silent war’ is being waged in Tanzania and Kenya against children forced on to the streets. The children who took part in the study have been exposed to a relentless ordeal of extreme physical and sexual violence, which has become so widespread it is now considered ‘normal’. Violence by adults against these street children includes knife attacks, beatings, torture and rape – often committed by family members, friends and neighbours and officials – and has created a “silent war” against children who are forced to run away to survive. Railway Children are calling for the Tanzanian and Kenyan governments to launch a coordinated plan of action to tackle the violence against street children and to help the particularly vulnerable children, who without better support, will remain trapped in poverty and continue to be exploited as they fight for survival on the streets.

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