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Strengthening laws addressing child sexual exploitation.A practical guide

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ECPAT International

ECPAT International’s work in combating commercial sexual exploitation of children has revealed the need for more guidance on the implementation of international legal standards, more specifically regarding the enactment of laws addressing the different manifestations of child sexual exploitation. While several international instruments exist, their provisions are far from being uniformly understood and applied and national laws vary substantially. This guide thus examines the international legal framework and provides examples of implementation at national level. It also suggests key elements of national legislation aimed at eliminating the sexual exploitation of children.
The guide was developed for international and non-governmental organisations, government institutions, professionals and all those working to end the sexual exploitation of children. Its purpose is three-fold: (1) to serve as a practical tool in the assessment of national child protection frameworks; (2) to inform the process of harmonising and strengthening legislation; and (3) to support advocacy for legal reform to better protect children. ECPAT International hopes that this guide will generate a dialogue among all concerned stakeh

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