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Strengthening families: Save the Children programs in support of child care and parenting policies

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Save the Children Sweden

In all countries and regions, parents and families have an important role in providing care and protection for children and they are often supported in this role by the local communities as well as public and private services. Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) governments are held to support parents and guardians in their child-rearing role through appropriate laws, policies and programs. This support is vital, particularly when children and families live in precarious situations and when they are exposed to or at risk of violence and separation. Policies and programs in support of children, parents and families are therefore essential for building effective child protection systems. Save the Children Sweden’s report “Strengthening families” explores the linkages between family support and child protection policies, from the perspective of Save the Children’s programming and advocacy work across the world. The report presents program and country case studies from Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, Georgia, Indonesia, Latin America and the Caribbean, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa. It concludes with selected recommendations for policy, advocacy and programming. The recommendations focus on measures for strengthening and supporting families within national child protection systems, in line with broader strategies for promoting social protection and children’s rights.  

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