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Social Inclusion Analysis of Children Impacted by Discrimination and Inequality in Save the Children’s Sponsorship Program Impact Areas of Uganda

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African Child Policy Forum,Save the Children International,Save the Children Uganda

Drawing on the Theory of Change, this study sought to identify the causes and solutions related to social inclusion/ exclusion in the study settings (Wakiso district sub-Counties of Namayumba, Masulita, Gombe and Kakiri and two refugee settlements of Kyangwali and Rwamwanja) where the Baana programme is being implemented. The Baana (“child” in Luganda) supports evidence-based interventions in four core programs that aim to ensure children’s rights and access to a) quality basic education (Basic Education (BE) and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD); b) improved health and nutrition (School Health and Nutrition (SHN); c) improved Adolescent Development (AD), including improved access to quality Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health services and improved livelihoods and d) with integrated work in Child Protection.

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