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SCI Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Technical Guidance

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Save the Children,Save the Children International

The Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Technical Guidance has been developed to support Save the Children and partner staff to mainstream and integrate mental health and psychosocial support into programming across sectors. The Technical Guidance provides information on HOW to concretely implement the actions outlined in the Save the Children MHPSS Cross-sectoral Strategic Framework endorsed in 2020. The Technical Guidance to support the implementation of MHPSS interventions in all contexts across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.

The MHPSS Technical Guidance seeks to:
-Provide technical guidance to Save the Children staff and partners to enable them to operationalize the SC MHPSS strategy and to mainstream and integrate MHPSS in all sectors’ programming
-Equip SC and partner staff with safe and effective MHPSS approaches consistent with global standards


Arabic and Spanish ( forthcoming )

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